The Beach & Creek.
Experience water front camping in the heart of the Australian Outback. Surrounded by Islands and Mangrove Creeks. See dolphins, mud crabs, turtles, whales, blue ring octopuses, shovel nose sharks and so much more... 


Do you have a 4WD or off-road van and want to experience something a little different and like a bit of outback adventure or are a keen fishermen, then you may like to consider our secluded beach camping.   

Located 40 minutes from the Giralia homestead accommodation and bush camp you will find the sandy beach of Giralia Bay, where you can explore mangrove creeks and sandy islands. 

The Bay offers the most authentic Australian outback beach-camping experience. Be amongst the redness of the Australian desert, the calmness of the Ningaloo Gulf, feel the excitement of catching a fish or a mud crab, or the thrill of exploring the unknown and the beauty of the midnight stars, it's really unlike anywhere else.   

Dogs permitted, but must be kept under control and cleaned up after.

*Please note, we do not provide refunds if you decide to leave early or because of the weather. Also, we do not hire out toilets, you are required to bring your own if camping.

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Press Play for a video of the road condition down to the beach and creek sites.

Beach and Creek access requires

         High-clearance 4WD vehicles with low-range                 gears 

  • High-clearance caravans and camper trailers only.  Dirt road to beach and soft sand access track to beach sites - reduce tyre pressure to drive on beach. 

Road Conditions:

  • The 32km road to the beach and creek is dirt, it consists of some soft sand areas and mulitple dry-bed creeks.

  • When you reach the turnoff to your campsite please let down tyre pressure to drive on beach.

  • In the event of heavy rain which may cause closure of the beach/creek access road, any new arrivals for the beach or creek camp will be relocated to the bush camp at the homestead, until the road dries out.


How Many Sites?

We have approx 25 beach and 6 creek sites, all with views of the water, except for the Hilltop which is located just over the sandhill.

The beach or the creek?

If you're travelling as a young family, you might prefer beach camping, otherwise if you're keen on fishing from the bank amongst the mangroves you may prefer the creek camp. 

Bringing a dog?

If you're bringing a furry friend, please keep them under control and pick up after them.

Check in/out times?

This is at 1200 (lunchtime - not midnight) for beach camps.  You MUST check in before 5 pm for beach/creek sites (Duty Of Care) as we dont want anyone getting lost/breaking down etc in the dark!

What do I bring?

  • Every site requires a chemical toilet, we do NOT hire out toilets.

  • Your own drinking water - we have plenty of bore water at the homestead

  • Bug spray, if you go wandering into the mangrove forest for muddies

  • Enclosed shoes to walk out and explore the islands

Beach Sites only suitable for Caravans

*Unit = vehicle and caravan, vehicle and boat, vehicle and camper trailer or single vehicle

  • Site 2 (4 units)

  • Site 3 (4 units)

  • Site 4 (4 units)

  • Site 4A (1 unit)

  • Site 5 (4 units)

  • Site 6 (5 units)

  • Site 7 (4 units)

  • Hilltop Site (6 units)

  • Bunjils Site (4 units)

Beach Sites not suitable for Caravans

*Unit = vehicle and caravan, vehicle and boat, vehicle and camper trailer or single vehicle

  • Harrys (5 units)

  • Site 1 (4 units)

  • Harpers (4 units)

  • Site 14 (4 units)

  • Site 15 (4 units)

  • Site 16 (4 units)

  • Site 17 (4 units)

  • Site 18 (4  units)

  • Site 19 ( 4 units)

  • Site 20 ( 4 units)

  • Site 21 (4  units)

  • Site 22 (4 units)

  • Site 23 ( 4 units)

  • Site 24 (2 units)

  • Site 25 (2  units)

Creek Sites are Suitable for all Setups

*Unit = vehicle and caravan, vehicle and boat, vehicle and camper trailer or single vehicle

  • Site 8 ( 4 units)

  • Site 9 (2 units)

  • Site 10 ( 2 units)

  • Site 11 ( 2 units)

  • Site 12 ( 2 units)

  • Bindis Site (4 units)

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trev treloar.jpg
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